Ajira Builders (a subsidiary of Ajira Group Pvt. Ltd.) is a leading construction-company in Nepal. With hundreds of successfully designed and completed projects, Ajira Builders stands a trusted home brand in the country. Our main objective is to provide quality construction at the lowest possible price. We offer naksa design, naksa pass, building internal 3D, external 3D, earthquake resistant design and build as well.

Financial factor is always a major challenging issue in any project. For every owner, it is their ultimate interest to NOT PAY MORE THAN NECESSARY. More price does not always guarantee higher quality and cheaper always does not mean the worst service. We know our clients know this and we aim to provide the best service they lounge for at the price they feel most comfortable at.

To solve everyone’s financial insecurity, Ajira Builders now offers COST GUARANTEE for your project with complete FINANCIAL TRANSPARENCY.

Stay tuned for Ajira Group’s new Construction challenge. We will announce the new offer very soon.

Construction Challenge by Ajira Group

About this challenge

The Ajira Builders’ construction challenge is a new scheme for our clients. We will offer complete financial clarity with the best service and a guarantee that you will not find this anywhere else in the town. Sounds interesting, right ? Yes, we know it sounds interesting and it is and it will be.

So, what should you do to get involved ? Well, for now, just wait until we finalize the scheme. In just a matter of a few days, we will announce our amazing scheme to overwhelm you.

Home Loan

And, did you know ? We offer Home loan on top of this scheme as well. So, now you can take double advantage with complete service under one roof. Design you building, calculate costs, sign a contract and get ready to move in.

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