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Naksa-pass process

नक्सा पास कसरी हुन्छ ?

Step 1: Naksa Design

Architecture Drawing, Structure Analysis, Structure Design and Drawings, Electric Drawing, Sanitary Design and Drawing

Step 2: File Submission to Municipality

Municipality will check naksa file – all drawings, design and all details. The file will then be sent to Ward office.

Step 3: 15-day Notice

Ward office will publish a 15-day claim notice to stakeholders for any kind of claims over the land and naksa-pass process, if any.

Step 4: Site Visit by Ward Engineer

An engineer from ward office will visit the site to check all boundaries and then write a letter to the municipality for approval. The home design will now be checked finally by municipality engineer.

Step 5: Interim Naksa Pass

The municipality will give a interim naksa pass certificate. Now we can start construction.

Step 6: Final Naksa Pass

After verification of construction of home according to home design drawings submitted to the municipality upto Plinth level (DPC level), the municipality will issue final naksa pass certificate.