What is a land area calculator ?

A land area converter calculator is a useful tool that allows you to easily convert land area from one unit to another. Land is measured in a variety of ways throughout Nepal. The simplest way to determine the equivalent unit of the local term for the unit is to use a land calculator.

Most Popular Conversion Units for land area converter calculator

1. Square Feet

The area of a square with 1-foot sides is referred to as square feet, also written as sq.ft. or ft2. In every Nepalese city, this is the standard measurement unit that is used. The United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Hong Kong, Ghana, Singapore, and Malaysia are the other nations that measure land in square feet in addition to Nepal.

2. Square Meters

It is generally acknowledged that the square meter serves as the standard international unit of area measurement. It is employed on a global scale to measure flat, two-dimensional surfaces like floors and ground. A square meter is a unit of measurement for an area that is one meter on each side. It is also known as sq. m or m2. When measuring a property, the area is proportional to the square of the linear dimension. The areas are four times larger when the linear dimensions are doubled.

3. Hectare

One of the few frequently used metric land measurement units worldwide is the hectare. It is written as "ha." Even though the hectare is the most common metric unit for measuring land, it has gained in popularity. While the acre is also frequently used to describe land in different parts of the world, the hectare is a metric unit, whereas the acre is a unit of area. 

Among the regions where it is most commonly used are Australia, Burma, Canada, the European Union, India, the United States, and the United Kingdom. The hectare is referred to as manzana in Argentina, bunder in the Netherlands, gong qing in China, and jerib in Iran.

4. Acre

Acre is one of the oldest measuring units for measuring land that is still in use today. It was first used in the imperial system of units. One furlong by four rods is another way to describe an acre. An acre of land can be measured in a variety of shapes, including rectangles, circles, and even pentagons. As long as the total land area does not exceed 43,560 square feet, an acre of land can be any length or width.

Most Popular Land area measurement system in Nepal

1. Ropani - Aana - Paisa - Dam

It is the most widely used land measurement system the hilly regions of Nepal.

The conversion of R-A-P-D system is as follows:

1 Ropani = 16 Aana = 5476 sq.ft.

1 Aana = 4 Paisa = 342.25 sq.ft.

1 Paisa = 4 Dam = 85.56 sq.ft.

1 Dam = 21.39 sq.ft.

2. Bigha - Kattha - Dhur

It is the most widely used land measurement system the terai regions of Nepal.

The conversion of B-K-D system is as follows:

1 Bigha = 20 Kattha = 72900 sq.ft. = 213 Aana

1 Kattha = 20 Dhur = 3645 sq.ft. = 10.65 Aana

1 Dhur = 182.25 sq.ft.

How to Use the Land converter calculator?

This calculator is a useful tool that allows you to easily convert one unit to another. For example, if you want to convert square foot into Aana, all you need is the following equation: Aana x 342.25 = Square foot.

Benefits of Using the Land converter calculator

A land area converter  calculator is a useful tool that allows you to easily convert one unit to another. For instance, you can use it to convert the RAPD or BKD system of measurement to square footage, or vice versa. The calculator also gives you an estimate of how much material is needed to cover that space, which could be helpful when figuring out how much concrete, stone, or sand is needed to complete your project. This tool can also be used in determining the cost of supplies and materials by converting them into other units so they can be put on a spreadsheet or projected budget.


How do I enter the area to be converted?

You can enter the area in any of the fields. You can also use one of the pre-set units if it's more convenient.

How do I convert from acres to square feet? 

To convert from acres to square feet, you would simply multiply your area in acre by 43,560 (the number of square feet in an acre). For example, if you have 20 acres and want to know how many square feet that is, take 20 and multiply it by 43,560.

How can I determine the land area using Google Maps?

You can calculate a piece of land's area from Google Maps using a variety of online tools. The only thing you would need to do is zoom in on the map and mark the edge of the plot of land. The area of that specific piece will then be visible on your screen after this is complete. But this will only be a rough estimate, not a precise one. Additionally, you have the option to convert these calculations into any unit you like.

How much is 1 aana land in square foot ?

1 aana = 342.25 square foot. 1 Aana land is a 18.5 ft. x 18.5 ft. square land.

How much is 1 Ropani land in square foot ?

1 Ropani = 5476 square foot. 1 Ropani land is a 74 ft. x 74 ft. square land.

How do I convert Ropani to Aana ?

1 Ropani = 16 Aana

How to convert Aana to Paisa and Dam ?

1 Aana = 4 Paisa
1 Paisa = 4 Dam
So, 1 Aana = 16 Dam

How to convert Bigha to Ropani ?

1 Bigha land is roughly equal to 13.31 Ropani or 213 Aana.

How to convert Ropani to Kattha ?

1 Ropani land is equal to 1.5 Kattha.