Because of the recent regulation by the Nepal government, minimum 4 aana 1 paisa land is required for land parceling. This means all new land parcels should be at least 0-4-0-1 or 130 square meter in area. But if you already have a land smaller than 4 aana, then there is no any problem for you to build a house in that land.

Here in this article, today we are looking at designs that you can build in a four aana land or equivalent land.

A 4 aana land is enough for building a 2000 or up to 2500 square foot house. It should be enough for a small family. We usually suggest people to build a rentable ground floor and a bungalow in the upper two floors for a 2.5 story house. But it depends on our client’s requirements, of course.

4 aana house design
A house in 4 aana land.

While building a home, you must always be careful about the municipality rules and regulations. Most of the municipalities mandate that you leave a 30% open land and building should cover only 70% of the total land area. If your land is greater than 8 aana then you can only cover 60% of your land. So, if you are only looking for purchasing a land right now, then we suggest that you think carefully.

Cost to build home in 4 aana land is another huge factor. We recommend a budget of around 3500 per square foot for construction, minimum. However, the cost of construction depends upon your requirements and budget also. An approximate budget of 1 crore should be enough to build a home for a 4 aana house design.