Box design house in Nepal is the latest trending house design. Why? Because… 

Nowadays, home designs are changing on a daily basis. Box design house are a new house style trend. These model houses are designed in a box model, giving flat roofs a new look. This model is ideal for those who enjoy change. Shapes are important in design…a box type design home has a very simple appearance with a flat roof. And functionally, Box type homes have a great plan with excellent space utilization.

This type of home is simple, which means it has a minimalist feel with fewer ornamental works. If you are looking for a simple variety home design, then look no further than our collection of Box design house at an affordable price.

With the advent of modern design and revolutionary changes, architects were forced to reconsider. As a result, the shapes have an impact on this. Home construction was tested using various lines, dots, squares, circles, half circles, and so on. As a result, the experiment was a huge success.

This type of architecture has benefits in different climates and locations across the globe. If you’re thinking about building a Box design house in Kathmandu, here are four reasons why you should do so:

Reasons for Box design house in Nepal 

1. Climate Control is Easy

Box design house provide excellent insulation that keeps the temperature inside consistent – both in terms of temperature and humidity. This is ideal if you live in a climate where temperatures can vary greatly throughout the year. It’s common to have extreme cold snaps followed by extreme heat waves in various parts of the world.

A box house can help keep temperatures more consistent throughout the year. If you’re building a box house in Nepal, you can rest assured that your home will stay warm in the winter and cool during the summer months. Consistent temperatures are important for your health and can greatly improve your quality of life. 

2. You Get a Lot of Living Space

One advantage of a box house is that you get plenty of living space. Box houses are very airy and have large floor-to-ceiling windows. This allows for great natural light and a large amount of space for indoor activities like entertaining, playing video games, or reading.

If you’re building a  Box design house in Nepal, it’s possible to do so in such a way that each ‘box’ has access to natural light while still maintaining privacy. By building the house with this type of structure, you’ll get plenty of living space that can easily accommodate the entire family.

3. Box Houses are Extremely Strong

Another reason why you should build a box house is that they’re extremely strong. The walls are thick and rigid and can support the roof with no problem. In fact, the roof is usually made up of several layers of plates that are stacked on top of one another.

If you’re building a  Box design house in Kathmandu, it can be made even stronger by constructing a concrete roof instead of one made out of corrugated metal. This makes the house extremely strong and able to withstand strong winds and storms.

4. Box Houses are Inexpensive to Build and Maintain

Lastly, you should consider building a  Box design house in Kathmandu because they’re inexpensive to build and maintain. They use basic materials that are available in many tropical regions, so there’s no need to import materials from other countries. You can also work on the project yourself instead of hiring a contractor.

If you’re building a Box types house in Nepal, the cost of materials is low. These include wood, reinforcement/rebar, sand, cement, and gravel. They are also very easy to maintain with minimal effort.


If you’re thinking about building a Box design house in Nepal, there are several reasons why you should do so. These include excellent climate control, lots of living space, strength, low cost and low maintenance. If you’re looking to build a home or building, a box house might be the perfect choice for you.

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What materials are Nepali houses made of?

The majority of the population lives in rural villages with stone or mud brick houses, thatched roofs, and raised eaves. There are also bamboo and reed huts. Most houses have two stories, but some only have two rooms, one for sleeping and one for cooking.

What types of houses are most popular in Nepal?

Nepalese Residential Home Types
1) Nepali Design Homes
2) Stone Houses.
3) Single Family House
4) Joint-Family House.
5) Apartment and Condominium.
6) Bungalow.
7) Colony.

How do you design a house?

6 Steps to Creating a Home Design:
1. Determine your budget for home design.
2. Consider house placement.
3. Match your home to your way of life.
4. Choose your home’s style.
5. Create a proposal for the architect.
6. Design your floor plans.

How do I go about building a house in Nepal?

A house’s construction steps Site visit and field measurement/verification in Nepal.
1.Design Process.
2. Municipality Process.
3. Building Contractor.
4. Construction Process.
5. Designer and Municipality Engineer Site Inspection
6. Superstructure
7. Electrical and Lighting.

What is the significance of a house style?

Using house styles correctly will ensure a consistent look and feel across the contracts our clients interact with, supporting and strengthening your firm’s brand. Using house styles also makes it easier to change parts of the document.