Are you planning on building a new home for your family ? Have you been wondering the benefits of a box design house ?

We understand how building a house is a serious issue and is a sensitive topic. If you are looking for building a new home, then you must have really thought of which design to adopt. There are many different designs that you can adopt for house.

Classical House

classic building
classic building

A classical home uses traditional outlook in a home and makes use of bricks, surkhi, slope roof and then adding some other architectural elements to make the house look classical.

Box design house

Since box designs are most common designs, it is normal for people to desire their house to be modern. Such a design can be adopted for a residence or for commercial buildings as well.

This kind of design will look lively for a long time even though newer trends come. The boxy nature gives a unique look to the building. The building looks like it is made up of small components put together to function as one unit. It also gives a modular approach vibe to the building.

You can look more into our gallery to find more similar designs.

Neo classical house

This is completely different kind of design. The concept is to build a house in plain white color or some of its shade. It looks really amazing and also costs more to build such a design. A neo-classical is architectural marvel and also makes the design look like a masterpiece.

Neo classical design

While the cost of construction of a house depends hugely on its design, a box design building is fairly cheaper. These buildings use less resources for construction and the secret to building a box design lies only on the objects placement. Besides lower cost, a boxy design house is most common in valley as well.