Building Naksa Pass Process

Ghar ko naksa pass

Building a house is a process that starts from a sketch in a paper. With the help of professionals, you can get the detailed design for your house and then present it to the municipality for building approval. You need to meet various requirements and criteria before you can even apply for approval processing. Construction should only start after you have obtained the approval certificate from the concerned authority. Lets discuss in detail what steps do we need to follow for building approval.

Concerned authority for building approval

The primary authority for building approval is the Municipality in which you are building the house. However, some other authorities can join the team depending upon the type of building you are planning to construct. If you are planning to develop a housing or a multistory apartment, then you need to take permit from other authorities as well besides the municipality. While, the permit for housing does not fall under this article’s scope, to briefly explain, you need to meet different environmental, architectural and structural criteria; not to forget the land classifications and others before you can apply for a housing permit.

Of course, if you are planning to build a house in Rural Municipality, the building approval is done by the concerned Rural Municipality.


Lets discuss what you will need for building naksa approval process.

Basically, all the municipalities have similar document requirements. However, we suggest you cross-check with your municipality.

  • Building Drawings and Design
  • Proof of land ownership
  • Cadastral Map; aka Napi Naksa
  • Approval from land owner if you are not the rightful owner.
  • Proof of Malpot tax payment (tiro)
  • Citizenship certificate

How to proceed for building approval?

Of course, the first step is to have your building designed and drawn by some qualified Engineers and Architects. You will need a complete guidance and counseling as to how your building should be.

Once the architectural design, structural analysis and drawings are ready, your Engineer will have to fill in the municipality building permit form and design book. Most municipalities have implemented EBPS system for electronic building permit. The Engineer should fill in such forms as well.

Once the file is submitted/registered at municipality, the Engineers at Municipality will check your drawings and design. After this, they will forward the drawings to ward office where the Engineers from ward office will visit the construction site and verify it according to the drawings presented. The ward engineer will sign the documents after verification and forward the file to municipality. The officials at municipality will now verify all documents and give you the building construction permit.

In between these steps, you will have to pay taxes to the municipality.

Although these are general steps, different municipalities complete these steps in different order.

You can start construction of building after receiving the approval from municipality. Now, some municipalities will send Engineer from ward office to verify the DPC construction while some municipalities do not have this step. After completion of building, you can apply for building completion certificate.