In this article we are going to know How to reduce construction costs in Nepal while building a house. I hope you will save the construction cost and save some money. 

Construction cost is one of the largest expenses on any construction project. Whether you’re building an office, house, or factory, the cost of materials, labor, and other indirect costs can quickly add up to a significant percentage of the total budget. 

If you’re planning a new construction project in Nepal or are just about to begin your next renovation, now is the time to start thinking about cutting costs wherever possible. Construction cost isn’t something that you can cut easily if you don’t have an eye for details as there are many hidden costs in every corner of your planned project. However, it is not impossible. There are several ways in which you can reduce your construction costs without compromising on quality and standards. Here are some suggestions for  reducing home building costs.

How to reduce construction costs in Nepal ? Useful Tips to follow 

There are numerous methods for lowering construction costs. Some of the most basic and useful ones have been listed below.

  1. Find a Trustable Architect:
  2. Search for Budget Friendly Property Choices
  3. Make use of reclaimed building materials.
  4. Maintain a Simple Design
  5. Determine Your Cost Request quotes or bids from potential builders
  6. Strategies for room storage
  7. Effective Communication

Find a Trustable Architect:

An architect should be able to provide you with the best possible design for your house. They should be able to give you advice on what materials are best for building your house and how much it will cost. A good architect would also be able to help you get permits for construction. A good architect will provide you with;

  • A Good Design – A good design is the foundation of a good house.
  •  Efficient floor plan- optimal room sizes with minimal waste of space
  • Sustainable Design – Low operating costs while occupied

You can choose Ajira Group for the Trustable Architect .

Search for Budget Friendly Property Choices

If you are looking for a Budget Friendly Property, you will have to find one that is within your budget. This may seem like an easy task, but it can be difficult to find the perfect match. There are many different things that you will need to look for when searching for the right home. You should start by looking for properties in your price range and then consider other factors such as location and type of property.

Choose cheaper materials

If you live in an area with many older, empty buildings, you do not need to buy new materials; instead, you should buy the previous materials and use them in your home. While you should use reclaimed materials, you should avoid using materials that are in poor condition. When putting in the supplies, use them in places where you can simply substitute them. Staircases and fireplaces are excellent places to use them.

Maintain a Simple Design

In most cases, less is more in design. Maintain a simple but not simplistic design. More costs result from excessive zigzagging. Remove what you do not require and leave only the essentials. A simple design includes:

  • Floor Plan – Square/rectangular plans are less expensive to construct than Irregular plans.
  •  Open-plan living means fewer walls, more daylight, and a more sociable living environment.
  •  Space Utilization – Make use of some spaces for multiple purposes, such as dining and studying. • Roof Design- A complex roof design necessitates the use of more roofing materials, which raises the cost.

Note : For Simple Design, You can view our projects. 

Determine Your Cost Request quotes or bids from potential builders

Cheapest option is not always the best option, neither is the most expensive option . A good quote will reveal information about your potential builder.

  • Low Quote:  It could indicate poor work, resulting in future costly repairs and maintenance.
  • Optimal Quote- This could imply a builder’s discount and good supplier connections. • A high quote could indicate that there are too many subcontractors involved or that the building materials are poor.

Strategies for room storage

If you have a small family, you may not need a large house. You could instead prefer to build a smaller house. It can be a wise and cost-effective decision. Working on space storage strategies is also one of the best ways to reducing home building costs when building a home. 

To save on square footage, create a smaller living space with multi-use spaces and multipurpose furniture. As previously stated, keep your design as simple as possible and avoid constructing additional floors unless absolutely necessary. You can also do some research to improve your knowledge of space planning. When designing their living space, homeowners can choose between an open or broken floor plan. Open floor plans, on the other hand, are best suited to smaller homes and apartments.

Pro Tip: If you don’t think you have enough knowledge of space planning, consider hiring an expert. Working with a professional can assist you in avoiding any design flaws. So, You can hire the Ajira Group too. 

Effective Communication

The contractor is the primary point of contact you will have until the completion of your construction project. As a result, you should inform him of the construction cost-cutting strategies you intend to implement in order to keep things running smoothly. 

Other important factors that can help you avoid additional construction costs are properly managed time and resources. You should have a budget in place from the beginning. As said before, you must communicate it with your contractor because, at the end of the day, they will be in charge of managing all labor and resources.

Summing Up 

You want to build a house, but you don’t want to get into debt from bank loans that you will have to pay for the rest of your life.

All you need to do is make sure you follow the above right house construction tips on How to reduce construction costs in Nepal and you’ll be able to build your own dream house soon. 

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How much does building a house in Nepal cost?

A house building package might cost anywhere between Rs. 3000 per square foot for the basic package and Rs. 5000 per square foot for the premium option with Ajira Builders.

Which kind of housing is most common in Nepal?

All around Nepal, traditional homes are still incredibly popular. A traditional Nepali home is built with stone walls, a thatched, zinc, or tin roof, and the stone walls are painted with manure and clay. Similar to log cabins, traditional Nepali homes also have wooden pillars.

What kinds of homes are there in Nepal?

The majority of people reside in rural communities with high eaves, thatched roofs, and stone or mud brick homes. Huts made of reed and bamboo are also common. The majority of homes have two levels, however some merely feature a sleeping room and a kitchen.

How much does a 2.5 story +house cost to build in Nepal?

Depending on the cost of constructing materials and the contractor’s charge.