Land measurement units are different in different cities and localities. Most used land measurement units are R-A-P-D and B-K-D system. But there are more units in practice. Most of the time, we want land unit conversion for effective conversation between people from different communities. Now, you can convert land measurement units in our website. Click here for land unit conversion.

Ropani – Aana – Paisa – Dam system of Land Units

You must have heard how land measurement works. Mostly in hilly region of Nepal, Ropani Aana Paisa and Dam is a common unit of land area. People also use square foot and square meter.

1 R = 16 A

1 A = 4 P

1 P =4 D

Bigha – Kattha – Dhur system of Land Unit

Moslty in Terai region, this system of land measurement is used.

1 B = 20 K

1 K = 20 D

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