Construction of own house is one of major goal in a Nepalese people’s life. One invests their hard work earnings to make their dream house a reality. As a hefty amount of sum in invested in its construction every client should at least have a gist of works going on during the construction of their home. People hire architect/engineer/firms for designing their house but the clients knowingly or unknowingly do not have proper talk with their service provider. Thus during the end of civil works completion complications arises as clients have issues regarding the layout, room orientation, opening schedules, and so on. So here are some pointers that a client could focus on for smooth completion their dream project.

Initial design phase

A designer initially provides several layout according to client’s plot. At this time owner should aptly provide his/her requirements. Designer tries to provide a layout considering the said requirements and majorly addressing the principles of Vastu which is taken with great importance in the Nepalese society.

Following all vastu aspirations for the so land type may not be possible. Hence in these cases the clients may or may not be aware about the condition after construction.

Details like space for washing machine, extra basin in kitchen, dog space, etc. are minor but could be a problem for clients during their stay. Addressing these things can make a good home

Selection of contractor

There are several options for an owner to handover the home construction job. He/ She can opt for a construction company or a freelance contractor. Choosing a construction company majorly implies for the clients that have day-to-day job or don’t want to take the fuss about daily requirements for construction from major elements like rebar, aggregate, sand, bricks to minor materials like nails, strings, plastics, etc. considering a freelance contractor might be slightly cheaper option but client himself have to make arrangements for the daily material requirements. On choosing either of the options clients must visit the ongoing projects of the contractor and observe the work flow and the quality of work they can provide. Clients are not suggested to be inclined towards a particular option without proper observation about their background.


There is a huge impact of selection of materials on the quality and strength of the structure being constructed, so choose wisely. Choosing the most expensive material for construction does not ensure the quality and strength of structure. Workmanship of the masons plays a vital role in the quality construction. You should make sure Rebar and cement pass all the lab tests. The NS (Nepal standard) approved materials are good for quality construction. In case of aggregates crushed black ones are the best. Avoid round aggregates at all costs. Regular sized bricks are good. You can also use AAC blocks for walls.

Finishing Works

Always place electrical outlets appropriately near position of bed and wardrobe should not block them. Select quality switches and cables and select appropriate power sockets for heavy equipment such as AC, heater, Oven, to prevent fire and power outage. Find quality manpower for Plumbing work to prevent the hassles that can occur in coming years. Do not forget to check the pipe pressure to ensure good pipeline connections.

A quality home cannot be achieved just by spending on expensive materials but by utilizing the materials appropriately. So choose wisely for a quality completion of Home Construction.